05.31.2003 || 01h03

little things

Sister, Mystie and I went to an actual bookstore to-day. A real one. With books. Man, it's been a while. We bought a few, too. Relax, it was Buy 3, Get One Free week or something, so my jobless arse ain't going to hell over it.

At least, not as far as it will over the entry costs of the two poetry contests I entered. Oh well...

I also failed to win the Super 7 *and* the Extra. Loto Québec wins again.

Oh, we met Sister at this new café that Mystie suggested (by 'new,' I mean that the place has only been open 7 weeks). It's completely white inside, so our black-clad selves must have looked remarkably stark in there. Prolly helped Sister to find us. The cookies are tiny but tasty -- well, most of them are, at any rate. The lattés were good, had great foam on, and came in *bowls!* I can't tell you how nice it is, after working in the Mcdonald's of Coffee, to sit in a true French Canadian café where the lattés come in bowls. None of this three sizes of cups crap. Nope. One size: bowl.

Unfortunately, the kid behind the counter forgot to bring us our drinks. finally, Mystie went over and smiled at him to remind him.

But Montréal was beautiful to-day, chu' te jure.

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