03.30.2003 || 09h57

This is actually last night's entry...

Ouh, my aching feet. it's 1h30 and I have to be back at Coffee Hell in 11 1/2 hours. dude, this workworkwork thing is starting to bite a little. I took a leaf from my Trailar Park Honey's book to-night: some dude walked in and decided that best Friend was taking too long to serve the girls ahead of them, so they came directly over to the espresso bar and tried to order. I told them that they had to order from the cash, and they said that it was taking too long.

So I went back to the drink I was making and totally ignored them.

They stormed out, I looked over at Best Friend and shrugged.

Earlier, some guy came in and shouted 'coffee.' over the bar at me while I was making a latté. I ignored him as well. I really wasn't in the mood.

Oh, and a couple came in with three kids who were bouncing off the walls. one of them came behind the counter and started trying to open the cake case, so I gave the li'l 'un a pointed look and simply pointed back towards her parents. She suddenly got very docile and walked back to her daddy, who said 'Hey, you got a little helper back there, eh?'

I replied that we don't hire anyone who can't see over the cake case, then served someone else.


So, I was in a magazine store to-day, and I saw a copy of Newsweek (Which is the American 'Maclean's') next to a copy of Maclean's (which is the Canadian 'Newsweek'). On the cover of Newsweek, it said 'Shock and Awe,' and had a picture of impressive booms. On the cover of Maclean's it said 'Collateral Damage,' and showed suffering people.

Who said the 49th parallel was an imaginary line?

Oh, it seems that the Liberal Party of Canada's not the only group that needs to cut down on the anti-American rhetoric a little: a Mexican senator called GWB a despot last week. Apparently the US ambassador to Mexico's being every bit as much the classless goon as the one they sent us.


OKay, It's now 2h03, and Marv's still trying to get the network back up. I guess I'll go beddies and update when I get up...

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