03.27.2003 || 00h56

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Hm, I don't know, I just don't know. I think the Liberals should go ahead and expel the US ambassador. I really do. He's been bullying us more and more lately, and I think it's time he was told in an unequivocal manner that he must become a diplomat, not a bastard. He should be told that it is not his job to tell Canada how to conduct its affairs or to make thinly-veiled threats to our business community; and that he's the representative of the US here in what is still a sovereign nation. At this point, it's the Prime Minister's job to tell him to fuck right off, eh?


So yeah, we ran into the living room and clicked on the TV just in time for Angel, only to discover (much to our chagrin) that an episode of 'American Idol' was in full swing. They were singing some vapid tune that went something like 'I'm proud to be an American 'coz at least I know I'm free' or somesuch nonsense. Man, the audience was eating that shite up and crying and stuff, and the entire row of Marines at the front were standing tall in their nice uniforms and crap, dude! we cringed at the tastelessness and sang along: 'I'm proud to be a Canadian 'coz I know I'm not like them...'

And man! They cut out the only really attractive chick in the bunch! they saved an all-American blondie for next week and sent home this *beautiful* girl. I don't understand. America, you vote badly. No matter what you're voting on.

not that I really cared, mind you...


We're going to have to settle up on some rules for phone usage around here. Marv got a call just after midnight, which pissed off Best Friend because if he'd been in bed when he was supposed to be, it would have woken him. About a week ago, I got an early morning call that woke Marv up and pissed him off, and Job #2 calls for Best Friend in the early, early morning fairly often. Marv's still on the horn so I can't bring it up yet, but I yapped with Best Friend while he was brushing his teeth, and he agrees that a no calls before 8am or after 11pm rule is a good one (emergencies notwithstanding, of course).


Ugh, okay, time for bed. Tired, tired.

Oh yeah, Mystie and I are going to Ottawa on Monday. Any suggestions?

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