03.24.2003 || 10h14

Hm. War's going well, by all accounts

Funny thing: the first morning of our new war, there was some US general on the CBC, saying that the best thing for the Iraqis to do now would be to stand back in awe of the well-oiled and well, awesome US military machine. That was before 3 US helicopters fell out of the sky (including the one the USAF bombed to keep it from falling into Iraqi hands), 2 UK helicopters ran into each other, a US missile popped a UK fighter, and US cruise missiles managed to miss the entire *country* twice, instead bagging 'targets' in Iran and Syria.

Take alladat, add in an army sergeant with an 'attitude problem' and a clutch of grenades, a little place by the name of Umm Qasr (which was taken, but then not, well, but then really *really* fought over), and at least one US marine killed by friendly fire, and I gotta say 'Damned straight I'm standing back! I don't want to get hit by the shrapnel!'

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