03.26.2003 || 09h52

Cool films and bookends

Went to see L'auberge espagnole at the AMC last night, then came home and watched the last episode of the DUNE miniseries on DVD. Had to take a night off from knowing anything at all about Bush's war.

But dude, L'auberge was so full of utter sexpots. It was simply crazy. The film was also funny and really upbeat, which I have to admit I really needed.

Class is over. The last session was hugely intense. A lot of people driving one another beyond tears during their exercises. Mine got a little violent, I guess. It's really crazy how different things are on-stage, how hard we're supposed to drive one another, and how hard we do. How as soon as we step offstage, everyone's friends again. It's such a jolt.

We're trying to see if we can extend the class by a few weeks. We've all really gotten somewhere, and we all want to see where we can take it.

Speaking of cool stuff, everyone go here immediately. Heh.

So, I'm reading the Favourite Game again. I don't know why I do it. I really don't. I always develop a certain dread as I approach the end, hoping against hope that the last few pages have re-written themselves while the book's been sitting on my shelf. I'd never have made the decision that Breavman does. Hell, I'd never have made most of them...

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