03.23.2003 || 00h37

Any more morning phonecalls, and I just might unplug the world...

Okay, I'm in a mood and a half. No, I don't mean to delegitimise yesterday's entry, and I don't mean that I'm raging or angry at the world over my poor misfortunes or anything. I'm just grumpy and hating the idea of speaking to anyone or having anyone talk to me.

I was on my feet from noon yesterday 'til a quarter-to-four this morning at job #1, I figured I'd sleep in a little before going to job #2 at 14h00 to-day. Of course, people started calling for various roommates and such at about 9h00, ruining that. Needless to say, by the time my shift ended at 22h00, I was just about ready to rip someone a new one, just because I don't handle being *really* tired all that well. Mysteria was supposed to meet me after my shift, but maybe wasn't, though there's a possibility that she was, but fuckit I'm too goddamned tired to care at this point, I just want to go to sleep. Anyway, called home to find her there after waiting at work for about 40 minutes. Nothing lilke waiting around for nothing to help the fucking humour. I decided to finish working on a new story before heading home. Job #2 blasted all the blisters that Job #1 had put so lovingly onto the bottoms of my feet. Holy hannah, am I in pain. I'm doing my best to remain civil because it's not Mystie's or Marv's fault that I'm so damned tired. But I am beyond merely sleepy; I'm so tired that I feel sick to my stomach, and I'm just about ready for snoozies. Especially since I spend half of to-morrow's shift with my least favourite manager. I've *got* to be in better shape or I might eviscerate the poor girl. Heh...

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