03.11.2003 || 10h53

Henry Rollins and running to work

Interesting. Over iChat this morning, I got invited, then de-invited to the Henry Rollins concert; all in a space of about a minute and a half. I was asking a buncha questions about it because, whereas I knew Black Flag and the whole kit back in the day, my noise threshold is a little lower than it used to be (I still like noise, but I'm way more into the good ol' bad Religion and Rammstein these days). Apparently, it's a spoken word thing, which sounds really cool. Anyway, I didn't know whether I'd be able to afford it, as I have to hand $200 to my dentist in return for doing a couple of fillings about three days later (oh, and we just got a service interruption notice from Hydro Westmount. Something about a little $536.28 we owe them -- I was sure Best Friend was on top of it. Fuck! Too many people bathing and watching TV, I guess...). anyway, I was in the middle of typing up a note to the effect of I'll put my tips together and pass them to you, you get the tix' when I was told that it was okay and that she had someone else to go with. Of course, I replied with a 'Grr.'

She then backpedalled, and I realised that my bath was about to overflow, so I signed off.

I think it's good that she's making plans without me. It's a good idea for her to start to do things by herself and build a life for herself. It makes me happy because I've been hoping for this for a while now. But dude! If she doesn't start being more truthful, I'm going to second-guess every sentence she utters, and I ain't going to feel bad about it.


In better news, I *just* remembered that I got handed two plays to direct for this year. One's just a 15-minute jobby with two actors, but the other's an hour (give or take) and has a cast of 6. That one's a little stressful. Heh...

I've already selected my assistant director for both, and I'm going to start thinking about rehearsal schedules pretty soon. Directing. I love this part of theatre.

Crap, I'd better run to work.

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