03.12.2003 || 09h20

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So, We're definitely on the road to an election here in La Belle Province. Bit of a hobson's choice, if you ask me. The incumbent part is the most left-wing group of the bunch, but their social spending is offset somewhat by the fact that they plan yet another fucking sovereignty referendum. If one considers the 1% difference in the vote the last time around (and the strife that tha caused around here), one can't really expect much good to come from that. The provincial Liberal Party wants to spend on health and education (yay), but that's all. They want to freeze everything else (um, hello? environment???). Oh, and then, there's that pesky sovereignty issue...

Then, there's the ADQ. Okay, to them, there's no sovereignty issue, but then they want to massively privatise healthcare and other public services.

It's no wonder that Québec elections only see about 70-80% of voters coming out (it was 77% last time round).


So yeah, we were supposed to go to an art exhibit at teh VAV last night because Mystie's writing a review for the student paper. Unfortunately, the poor dear had huge-arsed crampies or something that had her doubled over, so we just came home and tucked her in. Heh, I don't know if she *remembers* the last time she was in bed by 19h30 or so... Anyway, she's feeling somewhat better, so I guess that was the right policy. She's going again to-night, though I can't go with her on account of supper plans...


So, to-day Hudson Girl is auditioning for a Hollywood role. Here's me crossing my fingers...


Last night I found an old scrap of a poem I'd started writing to ExLover. I kinda liked it so I decided to work on it a bit more. It ain't done yet, that's for sure, but it's cool to be working on poetry again. I was sorta missing it.

Okay, work time. Bye.

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