03.07.2003 || 09h36

Advertising and fears, I guess

Okay, so apparently the British are the kings of advertising. The CBC was interviewing a British advertising firm that is renting out space on students foreheads and paying them 4.50 to walk around with an advert on their head and to talk up the product in question. They also interviewed a philosophy student from the university of Greenwich about it. He was asked if he had to pretend to believe in the product (in his case, a cartoon channel), he said 'not necessarily, but it is a good channel.'

The host made no bones about how strange it was for a philosophy student to be buying into marketing in such a concrete fashion. I ran to the phone to tell Mystie to listen in, but she was on-line or something.

Over on this side, firms like Chocolat in Toronto, are working to create TV shows that contain adverts in them, not unlike the BMW films. Apparently, it's not about product placement, it's about tailoring a scene in such a way as to tie the product into the scene (Spiderman doesn't just jump onto a Heineken truck. He jumps onto a truck with an advert that says 'Elmer's Glue; it sticks to anything.' Spidey sees it and does a double-take.)

Apparently, the View (the show with Barbara Walters) accepted money from the Campbell's soup company to weave a soup-message into the conversation instead of running a straight-up advert. That way, the audience didn't even know they were seeing an advert.

Advertising, man. No wonder I never turn the TV on anymore...

Okay, unless Angel's on.


Last night, while I was trying to get to sleep I suddenly had all those questions to which I thought I was immune, pour themselves through my brain. You know, the what-am-I-doing-with-my-life ones; the I'm-going-to-be-a-40-year-old-coffee-slinger ones; all those questions I thought I'd sorted out. I didn't really wake up in a good mood. I really have to get the funding together for this damned movie. I won't be able to live with myself if I walked away from a fucking career to work in the food industry for the next several years -- at least, not without making films as well. I mean, that's why I did this. It has to work.

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