03.09.2003 || 09h12

Weird thoughts on obesity and healthcare

Two days in a row now, I've gotten up before the alarm, and looked at the clock to see that it's 8h23. Hm. Stupid little things like that enchant me.

Mystie's still asleep. She's not feeling so hot these days, what with her sore throat and shite, so I ain't going to pressure her to get up and dance or anything.

Anyway, at work yesterday, I had a reflex about which I'm now feeling a little ambivalent. You see, a rather sizeable couple came in and ordered a huge-as-hell drink (a latté for him, a hot choco for her) and a large chunk o' cake. I thought nothing of it at the time, since I was jockeying the espresso bar, not taking orders. But later on while I was bussing, I looked over at the greasy remains of their cake and their empty mugs, I just got this feeling of revulsion and the thought 'give it a break you gluttons' shot right through my brain.

I mean, whu? Where the hell did I get *that?* Every now and again, I glance about to see someone who really doesn't need the calories chowing down on something big and cakelike, and feel actually repelled by it. No idea where this came from, and I knowknowknow that it's not fair.

I'd sure like it to stop happening. It's none of my business.

Except that I see them the same as smokers, in a way: a drag on the Medicare system that could be stopped. For *that,* I feel no shame. Politically, I find the overeating obese to be selfish and expensive for the overburdened healthcare system to support, the same as the millions of butt-heads who take up space in our hospitals when their systems give out or they get devoured by cancer.

Politically, these people don't deserve the tax spending.

but revulsion? Come *on...*

Oh and incidentally, if anyone out there still thinks that Québécois isn't a *really* cool dialect, try this on for size.

Um, I have to admit that, when this was forwarded to me by an American friend, I read it with a certain 'well, d'uh' attitude until I got to the end.

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