03.05.2003 || 23h56

more of the same

Well, I have to say that every dumb Yank who's come northside and called our dollars 'funny money' is about to look like a complete cock. I dig that.

I also dig that work went by like a blast of ugly to-day. Dude, it felt like I got there just in time to leave. Well, maybe not *that* fast, but you know what I mean. Unfortunately, that's when everything started to go downhill. Mystie came to pick me up (which was good), and we went to the Cineplex in the Latin Quarter to see if The Favourite Game was plating (which was good). We got there at a 18h45 and saw that the next show was at 19h25, but Mystie wanted to eat first (which was bad) so we missed it and walked back towards my place, looking for a resto. Of course, I wasn't hungry enough to eat yet, but I figured I'd go along to make her happy. I spent my last $12 on a lousy sammich and yukky salad (which was bad), then we failed to find anything worth seeing at either the Paramount or the Eaton Centre (which was worse). We also missed everything playing at the AMC in the Pepsi Forum (which was even badder), then went to the café next door for a hot beverage. There was only one person working (which was ridiculous), so I got pissy and just went to sit down (which was bad). We sat for a while while I tried to be civil company, then I got tired and decided to leave. The poor girl had forgotten some stuff chez-moi, so she had to walk down that damned hill to the Rez, then back *up* it to get her bus. Good thing she left. I'm in a bad mood and don't care how jerquelike I'm coming off.

Anyway, Best Friend and I decided to take down the epic pile of refuse that was in the laudry room, starting with the olde futon. Did I mention that we live on a steep-as=arse incline? Yeah, so Best Friend got the brill idea to toboggan down the hill on the futon, and I just blithely said 'okay.' So we slapped that puppy down on the snowy-as-stink sidewalk, then counted three and dooove.... [crunch] [roll] *ow?*

The futon didn't move. We did a pretty spectacular stop, drop, and roll, though.

And giggled like a couplea kids.


Uhm, as is traditional, the US goes to war, and Canada's population grows. Of course, this time it's not draft-dodgers. It's Pakistanis who've overstayed their visas and others who are just scared of what the new racial profiling will mean.

So, what will it mean?

||Gods save the Queen,

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