02.21.2003 || 10h16

Post-headaches and stoopid premiers.

Ugh. A ghost of last night's mega-headache is still clinking to the edge of my brain. I'm disappointed that they're back, to be honest. We were supposed to make music last night, but I begged off. It would have been too hard for me to remain civil under the circumstances.

I'd like to go away for a while. February's just too hard for me. I won't leave, of course. There's too much that I still have to do.

By the way, remind me to never, ever go clubbing in the US. That's twice in the past month. Oh, and dude? A *suicide bomber* rarely gets that many kills. Christ...


And okay, what's with fucking Bernard Landry starting to talk up sovereignty again, then taking the $800 million from Ottawa? Is her *trying* to lose the next election before even calling it? I mean, yes, take the money; healthcare needs it. But who the hell's talking separation these days? Oh right: old-skool Péquistes who've lost touch with the people.

||Gods save the Queen,

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