02.22.2003 || 11h50


So yeah, I keep updating my list of movies to buy. Here are a couple of recent additions:

You see, I have this super complex algorithm pertaining to the cost of renting, the number of times I'm likely to rent a certain film, and the difficulty involved in finding it at a rental place (aside from Boite Noir, where they have everything in spades, but they're too far apart). On the other side of the equation is the cost of the movie itself. The likelihood of finding it at a rental place is a variable, of course. Anyway, some movies are very easy to find, but simply buying it costs less than renting it over and over again.

Anyway, that's a peek into the reasoning of cf's buying practises.


So, the sun has come out. The past few days have been much easier on me than the past few weeks. I've felt a lot better, and I think I've been a little easier on my friends. Heh, I *think.* Gorsh, but February's my dark, co-dependent lover, isn't she? What a bitch...

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