02.18.2003 || 11h02

A few lilttle CBC-related thoughts.

This morning, CBC was talking about Radio Okapi, which is a radio station in Kinshasa and sure seems to be one of the damned few cohesive forces in the RDC. Man, what a mess.

And again, part of the mayhem over there is caused by the West's need for the coltane that goes into our cellphones and laptops. Coltane mining is helping to further tear apart the RDC and cement the invasion forces' positions within the country. For instance, How could Rwanda have made millions of dollars through Coltane sales if there's no Coltane mining being done within Rwanda? Ditto for Uganda and Burundi. Further, Congolese rebels have ruined the RDC's national parks and nature reserves in a mad grab for the mineral, shooting elephants and gorillas for food.

And again, the UN has food to distribute, but no money for transport. I just don't get it. These are the aspects of the UN that still *work,* fer fuksakes. Why not phase out that dirty Peacekeeper business and re-distribute those funds properly?

Kinda reminds me of why I like the CBC, though. They're state run, yet they take the piss out of the government wherever stick is detected. They've ridiculed politicoes right out the door, and questioned everything that Jean Chrétien and his buddy Bush have said about Afghanistan and Iraq. I think that we as Canadians are a little blind to the great shite we enjoy here, sometimes. Especially when some of that great shite is exposing the ugly stuff that the private broadcasters won't touch due to editorial corruption.

For instance, who in Big Business *doesn't* wish the Congo issue would go away?


Hmph. So I installed the latest MacOS X update, and now iChat doesn't work. I guess I got off easy, though; I was reading up to see if anyone's got a workaround, and see that this fucking update has broken Mail, Flash card compatibility, WACOM drivers, SQL, and a whole swack of sheete. Sheete that people use. I'm a little shocked that Apple would have released such a bogus update. I mean, we *expect* this from Microsoft, but Apple has always been the Anti-MS; the antithesis of the Microsoft model of development and marketing practises. This is disappointing, to say the least. I hope they fix this. Soon.

Of course, there is still the truth that (as Marv found on someone's e-mail sig) A computer without Windows is like a chocolate cake without mustard.


Anyway, I should prolly go to work now. Bye.

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