01.14.2003 || 23h55

Thoughts and musings

Sweet, bitch! One stressor down: My work on the new website for the school is good for writing off my last class *and* the one that's about to start. Cool. Advanced Meisner, here I come.

Ugh. Why am I doing this to myself? Oh right, to be a better actor.

I've started developing lists of my favourite actors. I love to watch Judi Dench, for instance. I am blown over by Marlon Brando's work over the decades. Julianne Moore is usually good as hell (with a few stark exceptions); I like Molly Parker and John Malkovitch and John Cusack. I absolutely adore Marie-Josée Croze and Emmanuelle Béart. Sarah Polley has a really cool, icy style. I think that Brad Pitt is way underrated, as are Christopher Plummer and Jessica Paré. I will see almost anything with Christian Clavier or Kevin Spacey or Gérard Depardieu in it. Monica Bellucci is better than the constant showcasing of her breasts would have us believe, and I really like Ian McKellen.

It's possible that I'm going to be compiling another of my myriad lists sometime soon. I feel it coming on. Watch this space for details.

So, I've been thinking a lot about Sister lately, partly because she got kicked out of her former place of residence by Maman. Now, I think that this is a good thing, because those two are all kinds of toxic for one another. However, I have to say that, though Sis is still pretty lousy at the whole family thing, she's still deserving of more credit than Maman's willing to spread out. That girl's sticking with studies and a relationship and playing mom to two darling little children and keeping down a job and basically being way more grown up and centred than the teen-ager who ran away to Vancouver all those years ago. Sometimes I feel like slapping Maman upside the head and asking why she can't see that.

More often I just wish I could be dropped off the edge of the world for a few months, just to get away from that whole situation.

Weird that I'm even thinking about this now. Nothing's happened between those two for a while. I just idly ponder sometimes.


I spent part of to-day looking over Mystie's stories. Sometimes I wonder where she gets her ideas. Occasionally there'll be a phrase or a little chunk of a story that I find enchanting and that convinces me that she's got it where it counts. Sometimes I feel like slapping her down for being lazy, sometimes I'm maybe too critical without letting her know that I like something as well, sometimes just I'm fricking afraid that she's going to have to leave, and that colours the way I speak to her. I'm trying my best not to close down, to just enjoy what we have and trust her to figure things out and ask for held where needed, but I know that I'm not always successful. It's easier to tease her about that semi-literate US spelling than it is to say 'I desperately want to keep you here.'

I guess I'm thinking about this because she snapped over something barely worth a second though to-night, and I'm wondering if I've been fair lately.

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