01.13.2003 || 22h28

A few little bits and bobs about toys, bread, and shite.

Score. Mystie and I made use of her parents' middle-class gadgetiness and asked them to send us their unused bread-maker. So now there's some bread a-making on the kitchen counter. Hoping for a tasty loaf, fingers crossed against disaster...


By the way, I just have to say that I think I love this thing. If you want to cut a really swag profile, create a 17-inch laptop with a light-sensor that automatically lights up the keyboard in the dark. If you want to make it even sweeter, make the thing out of aeroplane-grade aluminium.

Damn, I'm back to selling family members for toys. Shite...


Goddamn it! Tarot's got shite in his tail. That little rotter's got it coming, I tell you. Got. It. coming.

I asked Mystie whether she wanted to hold him down or cut the crap. She said 'hold him down,' So I guess I'd better find some gloves or something...

[goes off to cut crap out of kitty's tail.]

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