01.15.2003 || 23h59

Work, sex, and the Canadian male

Whoo! This whole working noon-to-way-late thing is going to take a toll, I think. I'm prolly doing it next week as well. Maybe the week after too. Gr, and the Slut and I haven't had time for music at all this season, which is really irritating me. I'd had all these plans of workshopping certain songs with him and being really onto something by the time Marv got back, but the fates are frustrating me at every turn.

The impending lack of girlfriend time is also going to suck a fair chunk.

Oh well, it'll be worth it when I can afford to pay some stuff off, right? And it's only temporary, which goes a long way to assuring my continued sanity over the next couple of weeks...

So, Mystie sent me a link to a story about Paul Reuben's porn habit. I think it's amazing that the legislators in that nation are so hopped up on public opinion that they play fast-and-loose with laws to stay on top. Everytime someone finds something that doesn't fall into their orthodoxy, they call it porn. They call it wrong, or dirty, or unamerican. In stark contrast, former Prime Minister Trudeau once spoke out from the mantle of power, saying that 'the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.'

Even with the existence up here of the damned Alliance Party and it's budding Religious Right, there is a marked difference between North America's predominantly Anglophone nations when it comes to all things sexual. Aside from the less glitzy and more realistic/weird/edgy portrayal of it in Canadian primetime and movies, there's also just a different view held on the street level here. Canadians often call Americans things like 'puritanical,' or 'prissy,' usually with an indulgent sigh and a little smile. I think that's a useless generalisation, myself, though sometimes we are shown that it's sorta, kinda true.

I dunno. I really do toe the line with most of the people I know on this. I think that the US is definitely behind us in terms of a mature national view on sex and sexuality, but I also know that there are a lot of people in that country who are leading their countrymen and women into a much more open and postmodern sexual culture, whether they like it or not. And that's pretty damned cool, if you ask me, especially because there's a super-right-wing administration in place right now, one that, if it weren't trying to get us all onside for an illegitimate war, would most likely be reversing the US's strides in abortion and other 'leftist' causes. And I don't mean stuff Nerve's self-aggrandising and lauding of the mediocre as sexual adventure, or Suicide Girls and its faux-feminist porn marketing. I mean actual people who aren't making a buck off of America's oppressed sexuality. I mean all those hyper-cool people who aren't afraid to talk a little truthfully and be a little open. I know some of you personally, and you know who you are. Hell, everyone knows one or two.

Hm. It's getting late, and Mystie went to bed with a vicious cold. I'll go and clean off the mound of crap she left on the kitchen table, then go sleepy-byes.

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