01.12.2003 || 200h22


Dude, my cat, Tarot, has the loudest tongue in town. No kidding. While he was licking his feet this morning, I knew exactly what he was doing because of the squishy lap-lap sounds emanating from beside the couch. Dzzzamn, bitch! I thought he was walking on a sip-sac or something...

So, I just finished watching 'Maelström,' which I have to say was a terrific film. Marie-Josée Croze is not only a stunningly beautiful girl but also a wicked actor. The movie was hilarious, but only if you understand French. Unfortunately, the subtitles miss out on about –– well okay, most of the humour. Too bad too: I was almost rolling a couple of times. See it if you can. If you can't, you suck a lot.

So yeah, my stepbrother got married yesterday. I guess I'd have gone to the wedding if it hadn't been a 15-minute ceremony in a civil servant's office in Yellowknife.

Hope their happy, they've only go so long before he goes into 8 months of training for his new position as an anti-terrorism stormtrooper. They'll be trading in their house for one in Ottawa, obviously...

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