10.11.2005 || 9h18


I'd really rather not be up yet, but Mango was letting off with an unholy racket this morning, and no amount of my grumbling things like 'Christ, will one of you *eat* him already?' to the cats' was going to help, so I got up, fed and watered him... then did the same for the cats, who'd by this point seen me up and about and were making their own little statements about hunger and the state to catdom around here.

The problem here is that I was up reading poetry and chatting with wbill until the wee hours yesternight, no I'm really not in the best condition to be up.

LOL! I just heard some tape from the House of Commons in which the Speaker of the House had to say 'I suggest that we refrain from discussing ageing sex kittens because it seems to be creating disorder.' The honourable members were arguing over a luxury vacation upon which the taxpayers unwittingly sent several senior Liberal members. The vacation included a visit with 'ageing Italian sex kitten Gina Lollobrigida.' Anyway, it was a hilarious bit of tape that culminated in the Speaker's tongue-in-cheek admonition to the members.

So, to-day's a bunch of chores: I have to mail all my iPod accessories back to some salvage warehouse because the warranty company can't fix it. They'll send me a new one, but they need all my bits and bobs back first. I'd love to have the same iPod for longer than 6 months. Yeah, that'd be great... Aside from that, I have to take a couple of rolls of film in and buy some groceries -- and add a section to the theatre company's website, clean off my desk, pay some bills, get cat food, get cat *litter,* submit some poetry somewhere and go to work.

I may not get everything done, but I guess it's a good thing that bird got me up early.

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