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I was born the 21st May, 1972 -- or, in the French Republican Calendar, Décade I Nonidi de Ventôse de L'année LXXI. I'd tell you the hour, but that's where my knowledge of the Revolutionary Calendar falls flat. They decimalised the day and everything, and to be honest, I think it was a damned good idea that they abandoned the whole thing for 1806 on.

But I wonder how the hell the rules of astrology'd fit in with such a beast. I mean, the math part'd easy, right? you convert a 24-hour day in which each hour's got 60 minutes, each of which in turn is divided into 60 seconds into a decimal time day with ten hours divided into 100 minutes, further chopped into 100 seconds each. Does the Republican Calendar have any effect on it at all? I mean I'm a Gemini, which is teh sign stretching from 21 May (the centre day of the Taurus/gemini cusp, which technically makes me a half-breed, but anyway...) to 21 June. The Calendar had twelve 30-day months, and the month Prairal began on either the 20 or 21 of May, then gave way to the month of Messidor on either 19 or 20 of June.

Sounds like over the course of a few years, the astrological calendar'd be completely out of phase with the Republican one, right? Well no: there were five or six extra days tacked onto the end of the year to keep it in true with the tropical year, plus a leap day every four years.

Reasons for the Calendar's abolishment? Well, there was a simple one: a 10-day work week meant one day off in 10, as opposed to one free day in seven. Ouch. Then there was the fact that the Calendar always had to start on the autumnal equinox, which moves and apparently served to confuse pretty night on everyone.

So, anyone remember Swatch's .beat Internet Time? Yeah, I know. Anyone buy one? Didn't think so.

The moral here is that one doesn't fuck with what works.

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