12.03.2004 || 10h37

a too-short word on GWB's Canadian stunts

I would deeply love to go completely off on the show the white house put together for Canadians when GWB was here a few days ago. How they used a speechwriter *soaked* in Canadian history to say all the right things and put the Shrub in front of a backdrop that was a collage of great Canadian peacemakers and warmongers; how they had the *audacity* to pepper the speech with quotes from William Lyon Mackenzie King (who was our PM during the second world war, and who grabbed Frankline Roosevelt and Winston Churchill and put them together to talk about going to war). The big one:

'"We must go out and meet the enemy before he reaches our shores. We must defeat him before he attackes us, before our cities are laid to waste." Mackenzie King was correct then, and we must remember the wisdom of his words today.'

To quote Mystie: Jigga-what? At least he had the decency to be speaking about Al-Qaeda at the time. If he'd been talking Iraq, he probably would have been stoned...

But the point here is that, whereas I'd love to slam out 2,000 words denouncing the bastard's well-choreographed visit, typing one-handed is a real bitch. I may not be updating much til the stitches come out. It's too damned frustrating.

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