12.06.2004 || 09h46

a year of unfortunate events

And for my next trick, I'm going to develop a badarsed *cold,* complete with that familiar losing-mt-voice feeling around the throaty bits. That, plus the fact that I managed to re-open part of my gaping wound at work last night makes me a fucking happy camper. Oh yeah, I'm going to be in terrific shape for our gig on Thursday.

Honestly, 2004 has been nothing but a pile of shite, with things like the band and my plays sort of shining out as rare bright spots. I suppose a case could be made for my first broken bones and first accident-related stitches being growing experiences, but really, they're just neat add-ons to a year of calamities including a death or two, a series of crappy stressors involving the girlfriend (who I now desperately wish was a citizen, or at least a landed immigrant), and myriad other really bad events.

I'm just waiting for the year to tell me I've taken as much as it can throw in my face. And for Jaysus's sake, I can't wait to put this year behind me. I've really had enough.

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