11.07.2004 || 03:15

Two damned fine gigs

Ugh, two nights of music, drunken dancing girls, Guinness and general mayhem sure takes its toll. It's 03h15 and I've got to be up by, like, 09h00 so I can go to the photo session and first run through of the play I'm directing. It's at McGill somewhere, apparently. I'm too tired to care right now. Deal later, sleep now.

Oh, but the gigs just happened to be at *the* Irish pub in Montréal, on the strength of not only our demo, but also a scintillating review by one of the town's established Celtic bands. So, yay us, eh?

Er, except that the owner of our usual pub came in, bought the Slut a drink, and said that we'd better save our Saturday nights for *him.*

Again, deal later, sleep now. The world didn't end right after Bush's coup, it's decided to wait for a more opportune time...

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