11.09.2004 || 11h15

Stressing over theatre...

So, I have this problem. It's one of my actors. She's a great girl and I love her to bits because of said great-girlness. She's also a total doll -- which helps, I guess... but I wouldn't go there, even if I were single. Which is also beside the point. The point, you see, pertains to her acting.

The acting. The thing is, she's good. Really good. I first saw her at an end-of-class showcase at the competing acting school where Air Force Girl went after taking classes with me. The level of acting was generally high (with a few exceptions), and I pretty much enjoyed the whole evening.

Now, it's a couple of years later, and my some miracle, I'm in a theatre company with several of the people I saw that night (and at a subsequent show at the Centaur), and I can't believe how what a pleasure they are to direct -- being used, as I am, to first-year students and the like. They take my criticisms well, they generally don't have to be told something time and again... basically, it's a breath of fresh air. Generally.

But she can't cry. Oh, she actually *can* cry rather well -- in real life. Hell, I discovered last night that the rumours of her crying at the drop of a nasty glance are true; It's when she's in character that she can't do it. Last night she came over an hour before rehearsal to work on it, and cried beautifully because I'd just said 'BTW, if I'd known your reason for missing Sunday's run through beforehand, I'd have kicked your arse.'

So great, I can still demolish 'em without even trying, but I don't know how to get it to happen for the freaking play. I know it's all about investing yourself and all of that, but so does she. She's giving so much to the part that it's breaking my heart to see her fail to cry. I can see the struggle going on in there, and I don't know what to do to help her.

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