10.31.2004 || 02:12

Somehow, I got from a bike to party to American crap (is there any other kind?)

Aw dude (by which I mean Sweeet!), Friday I took the Orange Beast in to be tuned up, as I had a slightly loose headset and the back wheel was slightly out of line... okay, and the handlebars were a little loose as well, but the point is that after some TLC, my baby's back in business and goes goes goes like a rat up a pipe.

Anyway, I thought you'd like to know


Okay, I just got home from an awesome party. I'd originally begged off because Mystie wouldn't have been comfy, but then she decided to go for drinks with her classmates, so off I went with the roomies. The booze was fine (someone divvied up our second bottle of champagne, so Marv and I divvied up her bottle of vintage port), the women were as phenomenal as you can expect from a party full of French-Canadians (though I quickly extracted myself from anything that could possibly become troublesome, offering up my single roomies instead), and at one point, someone I *knew* actually came in. All it all, a successful evening, even though I could only find one other person who appreciated my flask of 18-year-old Bowmore. Oh well, all's well that ends well, I suppose. One roommate picked up a phone number or two, the other picked up a promise to meet at my play in November. If I'm lucky, I can have them both joyfully attached by X-mas...

Incidentally, the hostess (one of the actors from the show in November) showed her lovely face in my copy of Myst IV. I was surprised to be looking at a familiar face in a videogame, let me tell you, but there she was, Franco accent and all. That has nothing to do with anything, but there it is anyway. She's got an utterly transcendent roommate, but I guess that's neither here nor there either. Girls are pretty even when there's nothing underneath. Guys are the same, apparently. If I looked at guys, I'd have noticed that.

Oh, and while I'm talking about vapid shite, howsabout that US election, eh? Bin Laden tape appears at an important juncture -- and the whole of Canada wonders if it's a plant, if the Bushies are about to announce Bin Landen's capture. Be a great boost for the republican cause, what with the Dems rolling out a rockstar and an ex President, and the Reps only being able to pull a reactionary actor out of the wings... Yeah, the governator's praise means something, I'm just not sure what...

But the truth be told? I agree with the consensus among educated Canadians; Democracy's dead in the USA, no matter which way the blade falls this November. USA PATRIOT acts and expanded FBI or CIA powers have fallen in with Homeland Security departments or ministries or offices or whatever to kill off the last vestiges of real democracy. Big Brother's landed, and it's not the Soviet Union anymore, it's not really even fucking China. It's the Democratic Republic of the United States of America. Make no mistake, you're all fodder for the machine, unless Nader brings home the most votes and turns the country into one huge 'customer is always right' temple of consumer-protectionism.

The only good news for those of us living outside that vanilla bean country is that no empire has ever looked as invincible as just before its fall. Look to Iraq, look to Afghanistan. Failures. Only the beginning, I assure you. The British had their India, the British Jr have their war on Terror. Unfortunately, the whole Islamic Fundamentalist model of nation building ain't any better than the US's simplistic and naļve bullshit. I think we're all going to hell.

||Gods save the Queen,

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