10.28.2004 || 01:27

iPods and iPods and iPods, oh my

First off: I'd love to say that I'd like a black iPod, but I think that the red clickwheel was a mistake. Ergo, U2 signatures or no, I'd have to give the U2 edition iPod a pass. Also, what's with giving the buyer a U2 *poster?* Why not add the cost or whatever of the U2 collected works that you can 'purchase and import,' and include it? wouldn't that make it more of a U2 Edition iPod? Oh, and at $499, I'd have to say that $70 is a lot extra for a black chassis and a fucking poster -- okay, and a dock...

I also think that the iPod Photo is st00pid. Market forces and alladat I understand, but there is no good reason for an iPod with a colour screen and photo display capabilities. Shizzle, dude; it's a $700 gewgaw! Shame on Apple for a couple of total marketbullshit gimmicks.

Okay, the iPod's a gimmick anyway, but it's generally a sweeeet gimmick...

And I'm trying to collect only white and stainless accessories anyway.

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