10.14.2004 || 10h34

Mystie's birthday?

Hm. It's the girl's birthday to-day. Cool, right? Except that she told me last night that she was going to go partying with the staff of the non-paying magazine that just hired her as copyeditor instead. The bright side is that to-day is going to cost me significantly less than I'd planned, I guess. I'm a bit pissed because she'd told them that to-day was her birthday when she was being interviewed for the job.

Unfortunately, the next time we can actually do something together is Saturday, and since I'll be working an opening shift that day, I won't be exactly the best of company by the time evening rolls around.

Oh well, it's something, right?

But no, I guess I'm not exactly happy with her. Nothing that'll kill me or anything...

In other news, the Hydro bill's in. The new(ish) roommate's way more expeez than the last, I see. That, in conjunction with my reduced hours at work, makes me paerhaps a little glad that Mysteria's planned a party with other peeps to-night. Heh, it's so sad that that's a bright side.

But hey! Marv's back from Thailand! He just handed me a fistfull of Bhat that would be good for at *least* a can of coke if I were so inclined and he's now in the living room as I type this, regaling the Roommate with tale of faraway lands. I'd go and listen myself, but I have to shower and bolt if I'm to hit all the stuff I was going to hit to-day...

Oh, and make alternate plans because my girlfriend sux ;-)

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