09.26.2004 || 11h12

A good night ruined

Last night I went to see the boys play, and sit in on one or two songs.

Until the brand-new shift lead from CoffeeHellCo called me and told me she absolutely needed me because she couldn't get the damned cash system to shut down and print the day's reports.

Jazz offered to drive me there and back, so that we wouldn't miss too much, so I immediately said 'yep,' and off we went...

...of course, her car was parked practically at my place, and we couldn't find parking, and yadda, and by the time we got in and solved the poor girl's cash problems, we'd pretty much missed the last set.

Look, when I gave the new girl my number and instructions to call me if she had problems, I meant it. I always do that if there's a new shift lead, or one from a different store who's filling in for us. Usually, I can talk them through something on the phone.

This girl has worked at CoffeeHellCo for less than a week and was thrown into her job with no training, much like my opening shifts over the last two days, strangely... But whereas I at least know the store, this poor girl was running a low-level panic by the time I stepped in there. she apologised about four million times, of course. I told her it was okay, clocked out, and rushed off to the car, then noticed the time. The boys were prolly into their last song or two.

So Jazz and I went for a quick coffee so I could vent.

You see, the store's a freaking mess. People doing jobs for which they have no training, staff filling in from other stores because we can't seem to keep employees, an assistant manager who constantly fucks up the schedule, and an undercurrent of unhappiness that's kinda palpable.

And on top of it all, last night I was actually happy. For once. And for once, seeing the boys play didn't involve me pretending to have a good time while really just feeling bad.

It wasn't the new girl's fault that I missed out on that. I don't regret helping her and seeing the look in her eye when I walked in. I just hate the organisation that's doing this to us.

||Gods save the Queen,

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