09.23.2004 || 12h36

Missing Mystie

In a few minutes, I am heading off to the offices of the magazine I'm freelancing at.
Or should I say 'In a few minutes, I am heading off to the offices of the magazine for which I worm on a freelance basis.'
I'm a copyeditor by trade, so stuff like this finds a place in my life...
The bad news is that I haven't been able to get my depressed self into any sort of hot 'n' heavy with the girl, though when she wakes me upi for morning nooks, it seems to work way better than at night. This is not the nature of the problem, just a byproduct. I'm also having the devil's own time getting out of bed in the mornings, and generally being cheerful. Depression sucks that way. Last night I forced myself to practise some music. Bass still hurts like hell, so I spent 20 minutes playing my battered 12-string and singing a few old songs, like 'I lost my baby' by Jean Leloup, 'Lovesong' by the Cure (for which I have come up with a completely different arrangement), and Billy Bragg's 'A New England.'
I felt marginally better afters, though, so I guess forcing myself to do things is a good thing.
This morning, for instance, I forced myself to get up before Mystie left because I knew I'd be in bed until noon otherwise. Believe me, it looks easier than it is. I then went across town to buy a new, Bic-resistant bike lock, and came home just in time to pass my cast to one of my actors because she's got a broken arm in another play she's doing.
now, I'm off to the magazine because they're in serious need and, well, so am I.
Ugh, but on Friday and Saturday, I open CoffeeHell, in spite of never having been trained to do an open. My kingdom for competent management. I've got CVs out, believe me...

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