08.11.2004 || 01h27

late night rumblings

Alright, I've looked over my diary and there's nothing really damaging being said here, so I guess it's okay to take off the password. Still violated by Luv's boneheadedness about exposing people without asking but it'll heal.

Of course, part of the reason I ain't said anything contentious in a long time is because I just don't seem to be as interesting as I once thought I might have been...

Oh, by the way, to-night was my worst shift to date. it freaking poured and thundered on Montréal like the sky meant business to-night, so everyone who came in was wet and bitchy, then we had a flood that originated from a leak in the roof. So we had to close one of the bathrooms. The clientele didn't seem to be very understanding, wet and bitchy as everyone already was. We also had another flood in the main seating area: water was sluicing in through the front door because the bitch who pretends to be the morning shift lead put one of the fucking terrace plants on the outside drain.

Oh, then I had to kick some guy out because he kept asking the female customers if he could sit with them.

Then I had to kick the Crazy Lady out because she was telling the *male* customers not to ask for sex, 'cause she wasn't handing it out.

And so on...

in fact, the only thing that I needed was for my junky friend to bleed in the bathroom again, and I think my night would have been complete... shit.

At least I'm home and working on being dry.

And hungry.

And tired.

This dull-arsed entry was brought to you by rain, fatigue, and the number 01h27.

||Gods save the Queen,

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