08.11.2004 || 10h34

words, syrup, ideas

You know, it's kind of weird that we have words for such specific things. 'Precocious,' for instance. I mean, did someone just decide that there was a word needed for a certain nebulous little instance, then come up with one? I know that certain words have had their meanings morph over the centuries, sometimes coming to mean the opposite of what they originally meant. Some words just seem to have popped out of nowhere to fill some weird niche requirement, and it makes me wonder who the hell... it's kind of like maple syrup, actually: Who the hell was the evil genius who saw sap coming out of a tree and decided to boil and eat it? I mean, what logical thought process *ever* ends up like that?

Age of reason my arse, it seems that all the most interesting stuff came from before that.

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