06.02.2004 || 01:14

the Atlantic, eh?

This month's The Atlantic has a very interesting write-up on Tony Blair, and how he fell from a potential British JFK and being the 'Prime Minister of the United States,' and all of that to being the practical laughing-stock he is to-day. Hell it even brings up that great Dana Milbank quote about how the US at last had a 'Leader who is acting presidential. [on the world stage] Unfortunately, this leader is Tony Blair.'

I love that quote, even though I've lost even my mere tolerance for Tony. He wrecked a party that I'd always liked, he's ruined the UK's image aslmost as far and wide as Bush has wrecked whatever was left of the US's legitimacy; he's lied repeatedly to the very voters who thought they'd finally found a trustworthy politician, and he's helped drive political cynicism into the stratosphere in Great Britain. I should have known you can't trust a Labour man in an Ozwald Boateng suit.

But what bugged me about the article was the following:

'It may be worth asking whether America needs an unquestioning and uncritical supporter. Mightn't something be said for a candid friend, brave and clear-eyed enough to tell the all-powerful one when it is in error?'

Uhm, to anyone whose read any North American history at all, it becomes clear that the US already has a friend like that. It's called 'Canada.'

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