06.03.2004 || 00h54

Rent stuff

So, to say I'm pissed would be an understatement of somewhat elephantine proportions. Best Friend's second rent cheque for May bounced, which is all the more irritating because he only *wrote* a second one because the first cheque bounced. Oh, and he hasn't handed over June's rent yet, either. So yeah, we got a note from the landlady to-day, which really bugged me. Bugged me, that is, because it went something like 'You bunch of pissantish goodfornothings, how *dare* you cost me an extra 20 of my perfecty good Canadian dollars in NSF charges? Now you listen here, asshats: I want the rent for May, and the rent for June *and* I want it in Cash, by certified cheque or money order, or (even better) in pints of your fresh, warm blood. Have a nice fucking day, and let's hope I don't have to evict you, the LandLass'

Of course, I can't call him about it right now because I only found the note when I got in from work at midnight.

But I shit you not: I'm calling his slackarse to-morrow and telling him to pull his lips outta that expensive girlfriend's sphincter pronto and to fix that which he has fucked. Because I am *not* letting him hang us out to dry for her. Not with 21 years of friendship on the line. No way, no how. Period.

Man, now I'm all grumbly and shite.

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