02.21.2004 || 09:42

Politics, eh?

Wow, this just isn't going away. The auditor General's basically said that the sponsorship scandal was criminal, and the public backlash against Paul Martin's been absolutely beautiful. Just beautiful.

The good news is that the Liberals could even lose the next election.

The bad news is that this has reinvigorated the Bloc québécois, which will likely end up serving to make the next PM a Conservative; which is doubly frustrating because the new Conservative Party's still going through shakes and jiggles from the recent merger that created it, it's got no platform as yet, and they don't even have a leader yet. Though that's kind of a blessing: The last Conservative government (Old Conservative party, that is) pushed us, kicking and screaming into Free Trade with the US, sold the country down the river four ways from Tuesday, and ended up with *two* seats in the House of Commons after the following election. Mulroney's still reviled as the least loved PM in Canada's history. How fitting it is, then, that he's currently working as a bigwig at a US company...

Yes, politics in the Frozen north are nothing if not laughable.

Ugh, I'm going for a bath...

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