02.26.2004 || 11h30

Tony Blair sucks and other depressing crappage

so, instead of denying that his people spied on the UN in the days leading up to the US/UK headlong rush into Iraq, Blair just calls the allegations 'irresponsible.' Uh-huh. Or wouldn't the term 'irresponsible' apply more to the way the Wonder Twins rushed pell-mell into a country they just wanted to bully? Wouldn't 'irresponsible' be a good term for the fact that both countries snapped into uniforms and shot things because a bogus WMD report gave them an excuse?

I'm sorry, but Blair's not this stupid. He can't be. Or maybe he just comes off as smart because of the posh accent.

In other news, to-day is web design work, more practising, then band practise. Oh, and printing out some new labels for our CDs.

I dunno. my practices lately ain't been going so well. I've still got that freaking SAD malaise on in a big way, and it's just sapping my will to do anything. So instead of working something over until I get it right, I just get discouraged and sulk. Or play Unreal Tournament. Or read. I'm big into escapism right now.

You know, almost every stupid thing I've ever done has happened in January/February. It's the time of year I used to start dropping the ball at school, it's when I start to suck at work -- which is concealable to a certain extent in an office, not so easy now that I work with people. Especially as, whereas I've become better at keeping a civil face on to cover the roiling mass of dark underneath, it gets so hard when you're standing at a counter and trying to reason with someone who wants an iced cappuccino, even though there is no such thing outside of a fucking Tim horton's.

I've got this long-term plan to get one of those UV lamps, but they're pricey as hell ans *not* covered by Medicare!

Ugh. Maybe I need to go to the Caymans like someone else did.

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