12.08.2003 || 02h46

Okay, so I ain't a tech guru...

You know, sometimes I feel so fucking stupid. I mean, Mystie dropped a scheiseload of tunes into my drop box last week, but not a one showed up. Turned out they were all invisible files for some damned reason. I saw them through the command-line, though. The permissions didn't seem to be outta whack or anything, so I just told Mystie to send them again as a stuffit file, figuring I'd just erase them.

Couldn't do it. You see, the Command-line in MacOS X really shows the fact that the OS is running on a FreeBSD core. So much so that the system doesn't recognise spaces in filenames. so I couldn't erase the files because the system kept mistaking the filenames I was typing in for strings of commands.

Yeah, I didn't *know* that enclosing the filename in single-quotes or backslashing the space would work. I had to erase the whole fukking folder and start anew.

boy, do I feel dumb... Oh well, one lives and learns, eh?

Yeah, so I was sitting with a friend who's in from Vancouver (well, okay; Sechelt, actually) and who works as a coder for the OpenBSD distro, and he sorta set me straight...

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