12.06.2003 || 02h06

Weirdness, wrecked Icewine, and wrecked churches

Well, here's another one for the 'Only in the USA' file.

Speaking of which, Mystie just told me that apparently her family drank the bottle of Icewine we sent them last year. It was 'okay, but it sure wasn't no White Zin.' Mrs Mystie apparently found it *bitter,* so she made it into a *spritzer* with some *sprite* and *Cranberry Juice.*

Mystie just finished chanting 'my fam'ly is white trash, my fam'ly is white trash...'

I maintained my respectful silence, but one day I'm gonna tell her mom that she made a motherfukking spritzer out of a twenty billion dollar bottle of wine.

You know, I really like the newish minister at the Unitarian church. So much, in fact, that I'm thinking I might want to start going back. Relax, I'm not about to find Yahweh or anything; going to Unitarian church is like having a poli sci class on Sunday.

I like the fact that the church is way more bilingual than it ever was, and the fact that there's a banner out front that reads 'Unitarians Support Gay Marriage.'

I also like the fact that the first time I saw this Drennan guy give a service, he stopped halfway through and said 'You know, if I were still a presbyterian minister, I'd be excommunicated or something for what I just said. You guys are cool,' whereas my last memory of the previous minister was a few days after our church was gutted by a huge fireball that was set by the organist (and that killed two firemen). I wandered into the ruins, walked up to him, and started to cry. He didn't know what to do, so he sort of awkwardly patted my back.

Our fucking minister. It kinda killed it for me. I stopped going pretty soon after that, no matter what Maman was doing on Sundays. I wasn't even shaving yet.

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