12.04.2003 || 12h49

Banking, eh?

Nothing tells you just how poor you are like being shown in unequivocal black and white by your bank officer. I just got in from a meeting at the NDG Caisse Populaire, where we have agreed that I will pay an affordable rate for the next TEN years to get rid of my student loan. Oh well. At least I can afford to live, though there are a coupla household costs that *have* to go away. Like, say the cable that nobody watches and I've been wanting to lose for months. Okay, and like my expensive DVD habit.

The nice thing about not paying half my cheque is that I can conceivably put a little extra on the loan every now and again and reduce the capital. It's a great idea, now let's see if it can be done.

For the rest of to-day, I have a film-related meeting later, then possibly a meeting with a soon-to-be-married friend pertaining to the pictures she wants taken at the wedding. Then renting a flick with Mystie (we were gonna go see something, but I don't think it's a good idea after the meeting me had at de bank).

So, what are you doing to-night?

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