11.15.2003 || 02h32

junkies and new prime ministers

To-night, after closing, I checked the bathrooms (as usual), only to discover a man slouched on the women's room toilet with his pants around his ankles and bleeding all over the fricking toilet seat with a needle sorta hanging out of his thigh. I closed the door, told AFG to pick up the phone, then pounded on the door and yelled at him to rouse his junky arse and get it the hell out of my store. When he finally shuffled out, I sorta told him never to come back, then wiped the blood off the toilet seat (being *careful* not to let it touch me), flushed his junk packets down, finished the close and left. Hudson Girl had surprised me by coming to see me at work (she just got in from Toronto to-day), and I'm a little embarrassed that she had to see that, but what can you do, right? Anyway, she drove Mystie and me home, then came in for tea.

Yeah, I miss the hell outta her.

Oh, and by the way? I really like how the US press is already trumpeting about Paul Martin. They can smell his US-friendly prime ministership coming around the corner, and they love it. CNN said that he 'entered politics in 1988 after a career heading Canada Steamship Lines, combines fiscal discipline with a commitment to the social causes championed by his father.' Pretty glowing endorsement, eh? Especially when hung alongside the following statement taken from a letter written to the Walrus by former federal minister of Industry Sinclair Stevens: '...Paul Martin has already achieved the dubious distinction of having more apparent conflicts of interest than any other minister of the Crown since confederation.' Hell, even the BBC is closer to the point when they say that he's well respected by the banking establishment...

But hell, the leadership convention came complete with the requisite rock star, so Paul must be cool, right?

what the hell have we gotten into?

||Gods save the Queen,

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