11.04.2003 || 01:14


Jesus fuck, am I disappointed. Marv told me I could have 2 of his buddy passes so Mstie and I could fly to Vancouver and back for $200 each, provided we're there and back by the 15 December. Now, even though that's a pittance, I sure as hell can't afford it while working at CoffeeHellCo and trying to buy X-mas presents and alladat. So I called Da and asked if he'd foot half the bill for my ticket, to which hhe said 'yes.' Great. I told Mystie we could go.

Then I got an e-mail from da saying that he'd changed his mind, and that if the rest of his kids could get around without help, then maybe it's time I started doing the same, though he'd dtill love to see us.

Of course, two of the siblings in question work for National Defence, and the remaining one's part of a two-income household (though I doubt she could jet off to Vancouver either, right now), so I don't see where this is coming from.

I also don't get the whole rescinding thing. If you say you'll do something, do it.

Look, I don't want to seem spoiled or anything, it's just that I told Mystie we could go, and then I had to disappoint her, and I hate that. It feels like I do that a lot these days. It's ripping me up a little.

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