11.02.2003 || 10h55

Tips, eh?

Things that have been left in the tip box this week:

  • 1 Franc (The French one, not Swiss or any of that);
  • 50 Groschen from Austria;
  • 1 Euro Cent (Hey, at least it's a still-working currency);
  • 2 Euro Cents;
  • 20 Euro Cents.

Okay, so what's this supposed to say? Am I supposed to be transported by images of far-off places or am I just supposed to be disgruntled at getting non-tips? I mean, the tips jars always have US currency in them, but those just tend to get circulated as if they were normal Canadian coins. Hell, no one even blinks. but a 50-Groschen doesn't pass for anything we use. Thanks, bitch.

Which reminds me: Last night Mystie and I cabbed it home, and the driver spent the *entire* trip yapping into his mobile. If he'd gotten us into an accident, would that mean that we wouldn't have to pay? I mean, the tip at that point would be negligible, but what about the fare?

Oh: Thanks going out to Blueshoe. We got the stuff and we're all agog with glee.

...uhm, I guess that CD I sent you in days of yore never materialised, eh?

Bastards. Postal workers, all.

Otay, me done.

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