10.20.2003 || 12h16

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Last night I had to tell one of my staff that he was not allowed to tell the female clients how pretty they were, or any of the stuff he used to use as part of his sales pitch back in the states. He reasoned that it always got him really good results in NYC or Virginia, and couldn't understand why it was having the opposite effect here. I told him an anecdote about some guys who were here from NYC or Chicago or some other mix-n-match US city, and who were complaining to me about French-Canadian girls. This was back when I worked at the World's Worst Pub, of course. Anyway, they'd been out dancing at some of the clubs up here and couldn't get their heads around the differences. They were used to being on the prowl southside, where they would just sorta dance up and insinuate themselves into groups of dancing girls; and maybe getting the giggly 'okay loser' thing or the bump-n-grind acceptance. Anyway, they had these mystified looks on their faces while they told me that the girls up here just pushed them away, and how they didn't really know how to deal with that.

I figure it has something to do with the Quiet Revolution. It's the only thing I can think of, because we FCs certainly didn't get the strident thing from the French. I told the tourists back then that the French-Canadian woman is a person with whom one does not fuck and left it at that.

I have no idea if there really is that big a difference, but I figured it would help my staffmember to understand that he just couldn't employ the same shit here because if someone makes an official complaint, he's dead. Period.

I dunno, though. I have to speak to another guy to-day. I don't get how these dudes can take work as one long flirtation opportunity like that. Especially not in the ridiculous uniforms we have to wear.

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