10.15.2003 || 00h26

Mystie's b-day, weird dreams, and riots

I had this really weird dream this morning. I dreamt that I had cancer and I had to mix a certain medicine with a non-alcoholised medicinal beer that came in cans (yuk!). Oh, and and take some pills, too. Anyway, there was a girl over to visit (don't bother asking. I have no idea who she was); she was sitting in my living room and watched while I rummaged through my stuff because i couldn't find my pills. I had poured the other medicine into the *beer* medicine like I was supposed to, but I couldn't find the pills anywhere. The girl didn't know I was sick, so she kept asking what I was doing, and I kept saying 'i'm sick, I need to find my meds!'

Tarot woke me up by sticking his nose in my mouth. I have no idea where the dream was taking me, but I'm glad I woke up. although I wonder sometimes where a dream's going, you know? I mean that if you don't wake up from a dream, what would the logical conclusion be? Would I have found the medication? Hell, was it even all that important?

Crazy. I don't know why I wonder about this stuff...

Anyway, we did the birthday thing for Mystie to-day. Well, by which I mean that we had lunch with Sister at Mexicali Rosa's and did the gifties thing (Poor Slut was home in sickbay).

Okay, I have this aversion to giving Mystie anything *too* useful as a gift. No kidding. Her family seems to send her such, er, practical gifts that I feel almost duty-boud to buy her whimsical things.

I also realised to-day that going to adopt a bike to re-build at the ConU bike co-op was probably a premature act. I don't think I'm going to have the time to work on the thing, and I'd really hate for my inability to go in to reflect badly on her because she seems interested in getting a membership and working on her bike some.

Sister's way ahead of me: She's already found out the prices and everything over at SOS Vélo. The prices are good. Maybe I should target a springtime purchase like Sister's aiming for...

I just don't want to dawdle on the one at ConU and have Mystie look bad. She brought me in to the place, after all.


Hm. There was some excitement down the road from CoffeeHellCo to-night. Being a block from the émeute kept our windows intact but didn't keep the event from killing our business. Oh well, such is life, I guess...

Okay, must to bed now. Buh-bye.

||Gods save the Queen,

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