10.16.2003 || 16h45

Solaris and Matthew Good

I have a dirty little confession to make: I like Matthew Good. A lot. Especially his solo album. In a fit of spending, I actually bought it yesterday, along with Spirit of the West's hits CD. I've been listening to the MG disc for a song to celt-up for the band, actually...

But it's interesting to look at the stuff that CDs are coming with these days. Inside the MG disc, there's a little card with a number on. Apparently, sticking the CD into my computer and entering the number off the card will give me access to a 'secret' website. Mystie recently bought the latest David Usher, and it comes with a mini-disc with a few extra songs on. It's obviously just a cynical step towards keeping us from pirating the discs, but some of it's cool anyway. Oh, the David Usher disc also has some sort of anti-pirating tech on it to keep us from copying the songs. It'll prolly take at *least* fifteen minutes for some smart yammer to hack an end-run around that one, but for now I think I'm stuck with buying my own copy...

Of course, I recently spent a lot of cash, so I dunno. And I mean a *lot,* as in Mystie's birthday lot; I-also-bought-*three*-movies-and-two-CDs lot.

Yeah, I'm poor, but I gots lots to watch, at least.

Speaking of which, I watched the re-make of Solaris last night. After Sister completely panned it, I decided to resume my search for a second-hand copy. I mean, Sister's tastes run pretty much completely into the field of Hollywood whereas mine rarely venture thereabouts. As a result, we rarely see the same stuff. Anyway, I liked it. Not fully and not completely, but I did in fact kinda like it. It's definitely a Soderbergh film, anyway:

Soderbergh: 'Okay. Cue the long, searching facial shot.'
Actor: '...'
Soderbergh: 'Cut! Okay George, that was great. I really like how you said about twelve pages' worth of dialogue with one tear-stained glance. Now, let's cue the *next* searching look...'

What I didn't like about it was the fact that, as well as completely changing the characters, it completely loses touch with the point of the novel. There's no interaction with the planet or history of its discovery or any of the stuff that makes Lem's book so damned good. And trust me, it's a great read. I still have to find the original film somewhere-- for less than the C$60 that the Criterion Collection edition costs.

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