07.30.2003 || 02h27


Okay, the problem with all these cops blocking off huge swaths of the city is this: I coulda been on time for work to-night. Really. I left the play reading with plenty of time-- had the way not been blocked in several spots due to anti-WTO fallout.

BUt yesterday was eerie. On my walk to work, I passed a Gap, Burger King, and a recruiting centre with their windows smashed, and several cars that had been whooped-on, Including a Civic with Québec plates but Stars and Stripes stickers in the windshield and on the bumper. Most of the stores on Ste-Catherine street had hired beefy security guards, who were standing at the doors all the way along the street. As I crunched broken glass under my feet, I wondered what it had been like here a couple of hours earlier.

I have a hard time respecting violence. I'm half of the opinion that that's the only thing that transnational business and its puppet-governments will listen to anymore, but I still have a hard time accepting it.

Especially in light of what I read about a second and a half ago. I didn't even know he was back because I hadn't checked that e-mail address in a long time.

I am so mad that someone would attack him. when Mystie and I met him in Vancouver, it was a really nice time with someone I was glad to have met. This man didn't deserve violence, he deserves love, fer fucksakes. I can't believe it, and I'm so creeped out about how unbelievably lucky he is to be alive.

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