07.31.2003 || 11h26

Lots to do

Yesterday, I went and spent the earlier part of the day insulating my Maman's solarium. hard work in a cramped space; and I was all done up in a long-sleeved shirt and pants on a hot-as-hell day. Then I showered, spent some quality time with Mystie, wrote down the blocking I wanted for the first scene in the play, and ran off to my rehearsal.

Which was tough. I think I hate blocking. Scratch that: I *know* I hate blocking. It's so boring, and I know that the actors who aren't being blocked find it dull as well. Nothing I can do about that, but it's still too bad.

That being said, yesterday was the first time I'd seen *any* of the female actors act, and I have to say that I'm happy with them, one especially. I think they're going to do fine. In the male side, I already knew that one of them was good, but the other (the one who was sort of foisted on me) needs to do a lot of work on the character.

But at the end of the day, I was just ready to go sleepy-byes. I had about a tonne of work to do before bed (study Arabic, look over a couple of Mystie's new stories, some screenplay stuff, &c), but Mystie decided to come over, so we watched I Am Dina on my miraculously co-operative PS2 and went to sleep.

So now to-day I have a tonne of work to do before band practise. Crap, I guess I'd better go do it.

Oh yeah, I burnt my fingers on the stove last night (I'm such a munchmonkey: I turned on the wrong burner while making tay). I slapped my hand into some frozen peas, then kept it in a glass of water while watching the movie. Hurts still, but I think I can play...

Anyway; got lots to do. Laters.

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