06.29.2003 || 11h41

A short note on directing

Last night's plays went off better than I'd hoped. I went home relieved, I gotta tell you. don't get me wrong; I have a few notes to give them before they go on to-day, but it's all minor stuff. I'm also pretty excited about the next play I'm directing, partly because the actors in that one are all new elements who I've never seen act before (aside from one who I was kind of pressured into casting for political reasons. I was unhappy about that, lemme tell you). The play's longer, though it's still a one-act, and it's got six characters. Quite the jump from my usual two person shorts.

I'm also becoming way more certain that walking away from an establlished career to starve and do this was the right thing to do. Directing these plays just feels right. Directing my own movies will be even better; even with all the slings and arrows that it entails.

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