06.27.2003 || 02h12


So, something strange happened to-day: at the rehearsal for the play, the male actor was late due to an audition, so we went ahead and did one run with my AD standing in, and the female actor just fucking clicked. her face just set the exact right way, her voice caught perfectly, rose beautifully and fell with grace, and she was utterly believable. then, when the male actor finally showed up, he didn't give me any hell even once, just played his role really well. I mean, I thin he actually *worked* on his character. It went over really well and I left the theatre feeling really happy.

Of course, my day was darkened by the fact that I ended up having to walk home because the bank machine in the Métro station was hors de service, so I couldn't pay for a ride; then just before Westmount Park, I saw a raven. Not a crow, mind; a real, 747-sized raven. Jet black and eerie as a curse. I was sure it signalled something grim, maybe about to-night's jam session or something. But no: I got home to find the Slut and Marvs playing some tunage, then joined in smoothly. The session was pretty damned fun, actually, even though we made a hash of a song or two ;-)

Then Marv and I went for a pint or two with Best Friend and one or two peeps from work, one of whom I managed to get to work for me on Monday in return for me filling in for her to-night (dude, it's past midnight. this is Friday), so I really haven't been subjected to the bad luck that I would normally have associated with that beautiful bird.

But my play's thisweek-end, and I can't get that damned raven out of my head.

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