06.26.2003 || 12h26

Some stuff about hotness and movies

Okay, so the temperature's working hand-in-hand with the humidex to make my asthma unbearable. Too bad I can't find my pumps.

Yeah, I'm less than ecstatic. Apparently we're having the sweatiest June in over a century. Fuckers.

Anyway. Nothing much to see here, I guess. My room's still a blast-furnace, teh rest of the house is still a flesh-eating pyre, and the outside world is still way too disgustingly hot. I'm running to a café.

Oh, this week, Ontario's environment minister told Torontonians to stop using their Barbecues because of the smog warnings that are in effect. The CBC asked Québec's envirominister what he thought of that, and he replied that 'Well, every little bit counts, but here, we're telling Montréalers to stop using their *cars.*

Gotta love that non-car-addicted city thing...

So, here's a question: Pot has been decriminalised here in Soviet Canuckia, and Gay Marriages have become legal across the country (though predictably, Alberta won't recognise them), and Canada has done everything it can to become a thorn in GWB's side. Why haven't we been invaded yet?

Oh: to the US, here's a close, personal request from our minister of finance via a little chat he gave to the T-dot business community yesterday: Please get your economy started. You're now aversely affecting ours to the point where we're no longer outstripping the entire G8 anymore this quarter, though that's partly due to SARS and that whole one mad cow thing... but if you guys could pull up your socks, that'd help us out a lot. Thanks, your friendly northern neighbours.

Which strangely reminds me: I got a DVD of the horrid little movie I was in last year. I haven't watched it yet because I didn't do as well as I could have, and I'm kinda embarrassed by that. I mean, I know the script was bad and everything, but that wouldn't affect current-day cf's acting approach. So yeah, I'm embarrassed about that, and I'm not so sure I want to see this thing...

...but it's just sitting here next to the doomBook...

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