06.10.2003 || 12h14

Fuelcells, Gay marriages, and Beckham in Barcelona

Okay, did some laundry and remembered not to put Mystie's bras in (she likes to wash them by hand, apparently). Had to do it because I vaguely remember her being really pissed yesterday morning about a lack of underwear. I wasn't awake. Might have been dreaming it. Did some more laundry anyway.

Then I got poured on. Man, the weather was weird yesterday. Wasn't too happy about it, and it kinda fucked my mood. Then I went to work.

I have to say that sometimes customers are utter goonballs. I mean right stupid. Grade A dumdum.

That's all I'm going to say about that.

Oh, and since when is David Beckham going to play for Barcelona? What's up with *that?* Dude, he's been with Manchester United since 1991. Yeah, *that* long ago. When he was a trainee.

Weird. Also weird is the fact that ManUtd want £30 million, whereas Barcelona wants to pay ?30 million. Bit of a gulf there. Like, $19 million's worth.

But still. Wow. How will Victoria manage?

In other news, Ontario's suddenly got a certain cool. I hate d saying that, but it's true. They upheld that whole 'legalising same sex marriages' thing, which, if not downright cool, is at least moderately progressive. FUck, it should have been Québec.

Oh, BC's cool too, but we already knew that. Especially Vancouver.

In filstuff-related news: I actually slept last night. for once I wasn't tossing and turning over this fricking movie. The secret? Watch a DVD until 3 in the morning, then stumble exhaustedly to bed.

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